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文鎮五,為普羅大眾與勞動者創作的韓國singer-songwriter,他是韓國八〇至九〇年代最具代表性的異議樂團「尋歌人」(Nochatsa)的成員之一,1989年加入樂團至今,文鎮五用音樂見證了韓國最動盪的年代,唱出了人民內心的聲音。韓國第一波民歌運動起源於1970年代,當時韓國被獨裁的軍政府勢力掌控,尋歌人的創始者與靈魂人物Kim Min-gi,寫下許多抗議歌曲針砭時政,批評當局,揭發社會的黑暗與不公,開啟民歌運動的濫觴,影響了後來無數的創作者加入革命的浪潮。文鎮五的創作除了擁有社會正義與土地思想的內涵,他的歌中也有人性的溫暖與殘酷,庶民的生活情景,以及過往時代的記憶碎片。至今,上一代的韓國人仍時常將他的歌曲旋律哼在嘴邊。


Moon Jino | KOREA


Singer-songwriter Moon Jino is devoted to making music about the dignity of ordinary people and workers in his home country of South Korea. Jino started his career in 1989 as a member of Nochasta (lit. people in search of music), a group that came to prominence in the 1980s as part of the pro-democracy movement in South Korea. Nochasta sang in defiance of the military dictatorship that ruled the country, which banned the group's music because of its social criticism. Nochasta's founder, Kim Min-gi, is credited with creating the category of "minjung gayo" or "grassroots songs," which sought to portray the lives of "everyday people" and their struggles. Nochasta enjoyed popular success as the pro-democracy movement grew, and its music eventually entered the pop mainstream, as South Koreans found a channel to freely voice their frustrations with an oppressive government.

Today, Jino continues this tradition of protest music and singing about the poor and underprivileged in South Korean society. At MMF, he will perform well-known folk songs of the 1980s and 1990s, and share with the audience his memories of that historic time for his country and its popular music.