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Music from Asia

TMCD-346    TMCD-347    TMCD-345
Inka Mbing
A Voice That Could Not Be Silenced
The tc yang Collection 1977-2003
Lo Sirong


TMCD-339   TMCD-330   TMCD-2002
Lin Sheng-xiang+Takashi Hirayasu+Ken Ohtake
Planting Trees
  Sheng-xiang & Water3
Getting Dark
  Labor Exchange Band
The Night March of the


TMCD-310   TMCD-328   TMCD-2001
Labor Exchange Band   Betel Nuts Brothers   Betel Nuts Brothers
Let Us Sing the Mountain Songs   Hunters Who Lost Their Lands   BURA BURA YAN


Alom / Betel Nuts Brothers / The Cracow Klezmer Band / Labor Exchange Band /Urna

TMDVD-0301   TMCD-330   TMCD-320
Alom / Betel Nuts Brothers...etc   Urna   Urna
2001 Migration Music Festival
( CD + DVD )
  Amilal   Hodood


TMCD-278   TMCD-9602   TMCD-9601
Urna   Betel Nuts Brothers   Lee Bao Chun
Jamar   Betel Nuts Brothers   A Night at a Chinese Opera


Music from Europe

TMCD-108/109   TMCD-137   TMCD-191
    Tannas   Old Blind Dogs
The Birkin Tree   Voice Of The Gaels   Five


TMCD-192   TMCD-176   TMCD-249
The Iron Horse   Catherine Delasalle   Various artists
This Is No My Plaid   Trio   Sound Theatre ( 4CDs )


TMCD-303   TMCD-313/314      
Teagrass   Varttina    
Moravian Love Songs   Double Life ( 2CDs )    


Music from America

Sierra Maestra        
Rumbero Soy        


Music from Africa

TMCD-271   TMCD-308      
Habib Koite Bamada   Rene Lacaille & Bob Brozman    
Ma Ya   Digdig    


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