Paul Fisher對【臨暗】的評論




Perhaps it's an overused cliche that music is the universal language. Nevertheless, listening to the music of Sheng Xiang and Water 3 it's hard to disagree with this notion. Theirs isn't instrumental music, this is music where the words matter. I can't understand a word Sheng Xiang is singing, but I can hear the passion in his voice. These are words that he clearly believes. The universal bit of the music is those wonderful melodies. Long after I've listened they remain in my head. I even sing along in words probably completely different to the correct ones, yet sort of familiar if not similar. And yet, it all feels definitely Asian, not Western, there's a proud sense of identity.
Sheng Xiang and Water 3, respect and thanks for the brilliant music.

註:Paul Fisher是英國資深樂評人,並自創獨立廠牌。

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